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We are a guild that does it all that accepts all levels. We are working towards end game raids, heroics, and pvp. We will help gear your toon. Tanks, healers and dps all welcome. We are here just to have fun. So join the team today.
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Angels of the Night

Welcome to our guild. We are a family who will support each other. Most of us have school, jobs and a real life. We understand and support that real life comes first but still enjoy playing.  We help each other gain personal and guild goals. We work together to enjoy the game and make it a positive experience for all.

As a guild we are a mix of players who enjoy pvp, instances, questing, and raids. We are working toward end game dungeons and raids. We have random fun events for all, from mount runs, heroic runs, second string Monday and other random fun events. Players are on all day but a majority are weeknight and weekend warriors.

We have bank tabs, repairs, helpful guild members and vent (ventrilo).

Officers:     Teranda (GM), Rhyan, Gielnorian, Amanduhplyr
                   (plus many other helpful and knowledgeable guild members)

In this ever changing game we know everyone will have a question or need help at some point in time. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but do not beg. If you have a question feel free to post it in forum, ask the guild or PM someone who might be able to help you. Before you ask, the bank/guild does not 'loan' money to anyone (not even officers) so please don't ask. We are trying to build up the money in the bank to provide more repair money and other helpful items the entire guild can enjoy such as mats. However, feel free to donate to the guild bank.

Guild Ranks:
    Angels (entry level)
    Arch Angels
    Powers (questers max)
    Virtues (Reward for lvl 90 and outstanding players)
    Dominions (PvP)
    Thrones (Raiders)
    Cherubim (officers)
    Seraphim (GM)

The ranks in the guild are the nine choirs of angels. First promotion comes at level 10 (level 60 for dk's), the rest of the promotions are based on level, time with guild, activity within the guild and recruiting other members.

This is your guild site too.  Feel free to start forums (serious or silly topics) or post pictures from events.

To see the full guild rules you must join the site.  It is in the guild forum memeber tab. If you do not read these or join the site it will be assumed you know the rules and will be treated as such.
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